Crismachem closes 2023 with focus on internationalisation and sustainability

– Marcelo Montoro –

CRISMACHEM has closed the 2023 accounting year with an increase in turnover of 52% over the previous year; figures that demonstrate the robustness of the company’s business model.

This year has been an exciting and challenging journey for CRISMACHEM, in which we have undertaken the challenge of the internationalisation of the company, becoming an ICEX Next company, increasing exports and finalising the opening of two delegations. We have attended relevant trade fairs such as Big 5 in Dubai or China Coat in Shanghai, which has also allowed us to share knowledge, explore new trends and business opportunities and establish valuable connections with other key players in the industry, in events that provide the perfect setting to refine the business vision in terms of raw materials and customers.

The company has also embarked on the path towards offsetting its CO2 emissions, while at the same time we have presented a roadmap for the gradual reduction of these emissions.

Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, for a sustainable economy that combines long-term profitability with social justice and care for the environment. This is our commitment as a company.

We look forward to the year 2024, which will bring us new challenges in this exciting adventure!