CRISMACHEM receives the «TicTacDea Certification» from the Salvar Ataque al Corazón Association and expands the CardioCivil rescue network

– Marcelo Montoro –

CRISMACHEM is a new cardioprotected space thanks to the successful completion of the “TicTacDEA program”, which is the training tool of the Salvar Atque al Corazón Association that aims to contribute to increasing rescues and reducing victims of a heart attack, along with research and outreach. In this way, CRISMACHEM is integrated into the CardioCivil Rescuers Network, being able to recognize a victim, alert the emergency health service and start the appropriate rescue, both in the professional environment and in the family and leisure environment. Likewise, the company has arranged an automatic external defibrillator (AED) registered and connected to the Emergency Service to act in the event of an incident.

When faced with an incident involving the circulatory system, time is critical and education and training are the only response to offer adequate help to the victim of a heart attack. Ignorance is the first barrier to rescuing heart attack victims.

The TicTacDEA program, inspired by the American Heart Association’s outreach campaign, points the way to teaching and training civilians: civil language, simple concepts and practical advice.

In these cases, ignorance or confusion does not help the victim. The difference between the most minor and the most critical situation is simple and easy to see when it is known. For 10 years, the installation of AEDs has been increasing because they are effective, easy to use and safe, and necessary to rescue victims outside hospitals. However, the number of rescued victims has stagnated at around 10% for more than 15 years.

For CRISMACHEM, this training is a social responsibility, a legal recommendation, a medical prescription, a family guarantee, and an act of generosity. We’re going to get more bailouts for heart attack victims.