Crismachem doubles sales and earnings in 2021

– Marcelo Montoro –

It is a pleasure to announce that CRISMACHEM, the specialist in the distribution of raw materials and chemical products for construction and CASE applications, has closed the accounting year 2021 by doubling its turnover compared to the previous year, despite the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulties caused by the shortage of supplies, aggravated by the crisis in land and sea transport.

Beyond this data, CRISMACHEM has managed to significantly increase activity levels in many areas of the company, which has strengthened the company and makes it more stable in the face of variations in the economic cycle.

Proof of this is the achievement of new distribution contracts with leading manufacturers, the increase in the number of active customers and the level of employment, the advances made in corporate governance, the improvements made in the performance of processes, our joining to “Responsible Care” program at the beginning of last year or the publication of our first Communication on Progress  (COP) Report through the United Nations Spain Global Compact initiative, which shows our commitment to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda and represents our roadmap for sustainable growth.

This commitment of which I speak, is built from our employees, and for this reason, within our objectives of promoting health and well-being, CRISMACHEM has also been certified as a “Brain Protected Space” by the Freno al Ictus Foundation.

Thus, the sixth wave of Covid-19 registered in Spain and Portugal has not been able to with the positive evolution that CRISMACHEM has had in the industry throughout the year, in an increasingly dynamic market and despite the bottlenecks experienced in the supply chain.

We trust that, despite the uncertainty that surrounds us, this new year will bring great opportunities that we must take advantage of, together with our employees, clients, suppliers, principals and collaborators, to whom we undoubtedly owe the success of our organization and to whom we thank them, through these words, for their commitment to the company. Thank you for being part of the CRISMACHEM family.