CRISMACHEM launches a new range of self-produced additives called BEUMITH®

– Marcelo Montoro –

CRISMACHEM aims at assessing the technical competences and contributing to making products better. As a result, BEUMITH’s main goal is to contribute chemical advanced solutions in the construction industry. In this regard, BEUMITH highlights our wide experience and technical knowledge in the construction industry, as it features a wide range of additives that work on 2 different properties that have a huge impact on the performance of mortars either dry or hardened: rheology and retraction. None of them are subject to regulatory requirements and, as a consequence, are neither under quality control nor certification. However, this does not mean these are not important additives for this type of products and, if ignored, it may lead to poor performance when building or faults.

BEUMITH additives act upon these faults improving their properties, such as its application, user-friendliness or aesthetic quality. Without a doubt these are properties of great importance for the operator. They also contribute to avoiding such common problems as adherence faults, cracks and loosening and detachment of structures.

By doing so, BEUMITH’s main objective is to improve final products’ quality beyond regulatory requirements. In addition, in compliance with CRISMACHEM’s sustainability policy, 95% of raw materials used to manufacture BEUMITH’s products originate no more than 300 km away from our factory, which contributes to reducing our carbon footprint and to improving our materials’ life cycle.