CRISMACHEM starts its professional career

– Eugenio Navarro –

We cannot think of anything more exciting than launching a new professional project. On top of that, it is not any professional project, but the one we have always dreamt of in CRISMACHEM, which has implied not only the corresponding learning and essencial experencince to approach this venture, but also dealing with bureaucratic, fiscal, contractual and financial hurdles. However, all this soon disappeared and we faced a clear and spotless path to work on. As a consequence, the day we actually start working accounts for a tiny discontinuity in time for all those of us that are part of CRISMACHEM: our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and many more. In this regard, by implementing the ideas we had worked so hard on and becoming real, CRISMACHEM aims at being a reference in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative and sustainable chemical solutions that allow our partners to be in a better position to compete. We really want to be inspirational and a breath of fresh air to all of them because we are fully aware of the fact that their success is also ours.